The primary mission of Girls Who Debate is to provide introductory resources to women interested in parliamentary formats. We offer both general debate information and format-specific instruction on each of our pages.

General Information

Girls Who Debate provides instruction for parliamentary formats including World Schools, Open Parliamentary and HSPDP debate. Our goal is to allow female-identifying debaters to go into rounds confident and prepared.


Our General Information Resource page details basic information relevant to all parliamentary formats. Such articles on this page include the basics for points of information, evaluating the legitimacy of sources and a complete rundown on speaker points. 

World Schools Debate

World Schools Debate is a relatively new format that analyzes social, political, and economic topics from a global perspective. Instead of a logistical debate about details and statistics, the World Schools format focuses on the big picture. Debaters analyze both the principled and practical implications of a given topic. Each World Schools team has five debaters, three of whom participate in each round. The debate features the proposition and opposition teams, who each give four speeches. 

Our World Schools Resource page features articles including the roles of each individual speakers, how to debate in a global context, and an overview of the format. 

Parliamentary Debate

Parliamentary debate is ultimately a combination of various other formats. It uses the rhetoric and logical reasoning World Schools Debate while simultaneously adopting an emphasis on facts and statistics seen in Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate. For those interested in a combination of these formats, Parliamentary debate is a great choice. In each round, two teams, the affirmative and negation, debate an impromptu motion given 20 minutes in advance. Each team has two speakers and a total of three speeches. 

Our Parliamentary Resource page explains the basics of the format, each of the speeches and prepares debaters for impromptu preparation, among other resources. 

High School Public Debate Program (HSPDP)

The High School Public Debate Program, also known as HSPDP, is a debate format with quick speeches and limited preparation. Each team, the proposition and the opposition, have three speakers who each give one speech. Most topics in this format are focused on domestic, or even local, politics and social reforms. For those interested in one-day tournaments and minimal tech, HSPDP is a great format. 

Our HSPDP Resource page provides information, including the basics of building a case, the roles of each speaker and interjections, such as points of information and heckling.