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The Perfect POI

The best way to understand POIs is to practice and hear them yourself. In this article, we provide an example POI.

Topic: This house regrets China’s investment in Latin America.

POI (from Opp/Neg): Understand that China’s lending practices are inherently predatory. For example, in Sri Lanka, the country’s inability to pay back China’s loans led to China’s 99-year lease on the strategic Hambantota Port and its surrounding territory. Wouldn't this obstructed sovereignty isolate and harm Latin American communities?

Response (from Prop/Aff): There are two things to note here. Firstly, that the example of Sri Lanka has been grossly mischaracterized and is frankly cherry-picked by the opposition team. As such, we would encourage them to give us at least one other example to truly engage with the heart of today’s debate. Secondly, even if we take this argument at its highest ground and buy that the Sri Lanka loan was not perfect, we have to engage with opposition comparative, with IMF and World bank loans. The reason why China’s loans are going to be preferable to this comparative is that they do not use structural-adjustment programs like the IMF, which impress western ideologies on Latin American countries. This is a far greater obstruction of sovereignty in the long term. But furthermore, IMF loans are not even financially advantageous to Latin American countries. Look at the fact that in 2001, Argentina was forced into a similar policy of fiscal restraint, leading to a mass recession. Or look to Ecuador, which received IMF loans, decreasing country GDP by 6% and replacing a far more progressive political government. Overall, the coercion that exists on their side of the house will always outweigh.

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