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NPDL Hosts 'Speak & Be Heard' Event

The National Parliamentary Debate League is hosting an open forum to discuss issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

As noted in the NPDL's email to team administrators: "This year has brought to light many issues our community faces. Certainly not the least of which are issues of Equity and Ethics in our community. We will come together to discuss issues, and find best practices to help improve the tournament experience. This will include, but is not limited to: Topic selection, tournament hosting practices, team structures, diversity and interacting with students. We will be breaking out into specific sessions for coaches and TDs as well as students."

Representatives from Girls Who Debate will be attending the event and highly encourage other students participating in Parliamentary debate to join. The event is hosted on Tuesday, April 13th (the flyer provided has a typo, and the event is on the 13th, not the 7th).

To register for the event, here is the link.

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