Staying Up-to-date on Current Events

In all debate formats, but especially World Schools Debate, understanding global policy and events is essential. In this article, we will outline several platforms that offer beneficial international education.

Preparing for impromptu and prepared rounds means it is critically important to keep up with current events. Here are a few great ways to stay informed, with the relative difficulty level and subscription requirement of each platform. Pick one or a few of these regularly. Using these platforms is also a great way to be a generally informed and politically aware human being outside of debate.

1. Vox Explained Articles

Difficulty: Easy!

Cost: None!

Overview: These are short, introductory articles for broad topics typical of World Schools rounds. They are quite surface level, but oftentimes gaining a simple overview of a topic is beneficial.

2. The New York Times

Difficulty: Medium.

Cost: Subscription needed beyond free articles.

Overview: The New York times is an effective, in-depth coverage of events. Since it is a print newspaper, the New York Times often focuses on specific global events as they occur.

3. Foreign Affairs

Difficulty: Hard.

Cost: Subscription needed.

Overview: This is a dense (and occasionally boring) magazine that covers global issues written by international experts in the field. After every article, you should feel very confident with the material at hand. It is kind of like a mental crossfit - good for you, but difficult.

4. The Week

Difficulty: Easy.

Cost: Subscription needed.

Overview: The Week is a news magazine that compiles articles from newspapers throughout the world. It does mainly focus on the US, but it provides a section dedicated to international sources for each issue. This publication is great for getting an excerpt from, say, an Israeli or Pakistani newspaper you would never see otherwise.

5. The Economist

Difficulty: Medium

Cost: Subscription needed

Overview: This is a conservative-leaning publication from the UK, although it does tend to offer a variety of perspectives. It has a heavy focus on international issues, particularly in the EU and China. We recommend it to anyone who wants to stay up to date on international issues in a relatively in-depth manner but wants to devote an hour or two a week.

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