Complete Tournament Calendar

In order to make the tournament selection and research process easier, we have provided a detailed list of the top tournaments for parliamentary formats of debate: World Schools Debate, Open Parliamentary, and HSPDP Debate.

In addition to the individual tournament guides we have for each format, we also offer a complete list of all tournaments for parliamentary formats (World Schools, Open Parliamentary, HSPDP). If you have any tournaments to add to this list, please contact


  • WSDC

  • Grapevine Classic in Grapevine, Texas

  • Greenhill Fall Classic in Addison, Texas

  • Jack Howe Memorial Tournament in Long Beach, California

  • Parliamentary

  • Notre Dame Parliamentary Warm Up in San Jose, California

  • Jack Howe Memorial Tournament in Long Beach, California

  • Stephen Stuart Invitational in Milpitas, California

  • NYPDL September in New York


  • No tournaments


  • WSDC

  • Damien Chuck Ballingall Memorial Invitational in La Verne, California

  • Semiahmoo WSDC Invitational in Surrey, BC, Canada

  • The Delores Taylor Arthur School Tournament in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Parliamentary

  • Yale University Invitational in New Haven, Connecticut

  • Damien Chuck Ballingall Memorial Invitational in La Verne, California

  • Cal Parli in Berkeley, California

  • Polygon Invitational in Fremont, California

  • Bargain Belt Invitational in Claremont, California

  • NYPDL October in New York

  • South Coast Invitational in Oregon

  • NPDL Fall held virtually

  • Jon Schamber Invitational in Stockton, California


  • October SoCal Novice Tournament

  • October SoCal League Tournament


  • WSDC

  • Damus Hollywood Invitational in Palo Alto, California

  • Ed Long Invitational in Dallas, Texas

  • Europen in Hamburg, Germany

  • Parliamentary

  • Sprague Invitational in Salem, Oregon

  • Vassar College Invitational in Dutchess County, New York

  • Wilson Invitational in Portland, Oregon

  • NYPDL November in New York

  • National Parliamentary Debate Invitational in Berkeley, California

  • De Toledo in Los Angeles, California

  • South Albany Redhawk Invitational in Albany, Oregon

  • John Lewis Invitational in Santa Clara, California


  • November East Coast and SoCal Tournament

  • Orange County Championship


  • WSDC

  • John Edie Holiday Debates in Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Longhorn Classic at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas

  • Parliamentary

  • The Holiday Edge in Clackamas, Oregon

  • Vikings Invitational in Fremont, California

  • NYPDL December in New York

  • Ridge Debates in Basking Ridge, New Jersey

  • North Catholic Invitational in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Falcoln Fling in Crescenta Valley, California

  • Hap Hingston Invitational in Forest Grove, Oregon


  • December SoCal League Tournament


  • WSDC

  • Coppell Classic in Coppell, Texas

  • Harvard Westlake Debates in Los Angeles, California

  • Parliamentary

  • Nueva Parli Invitational in Hillsborough, California

  • James Logan Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational in Union City, California

  • Jean Ward Invitational in Portland, Oregon