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Girls Who Debate is an organization created by female-identifying debaters seeking to amplify women's voices in debate. The organization focuses on parliamentary formats of debate, such as World Schools Debate, Open Parliamentary and HSPDP. Through a combination of personal articles and introductory resources, Girls Who Debate encourages young women to get involved in speech and debate. In addition to increasing the participation of women, Girls Who Debate specializes in advocacy work through qualitative and quantitative analysis sets. Ultimately, Girls Who Debate wants every individual to be able to access all of the unique benefits of debate, regardless of gender. 

Voices of Debate



parliamentary debate

Parliamentary debate

Parliamentary debate is an entirely impromptu format with teams of two speakers. Teams debate policy, value and fact motions.


General resources

Parliamentary formats of debate include World Schools Debate, Open Parliamentary and HSPDP. 

Debate Online

World schools debate

World Schools Debate features two teams of 3-5 speakers who discuss policies and values in a global context. 

debate programs